Manufactured Home Tie Down Service

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Tie Down Service

Get expert tie down service. For instance, manufactured homes can be vulnerable to wind damage and need extra protection against the other forces of Mother Nature.

No matter where you live, if you are in a mobile home, you need tie downs and anchors to keep your home safe, stable and secure.

Before you begin the process, Keith Anderson Construction LLC would like you to understand why this process is necessary and become familiar with the basic requirements for tie downs and anchors.

We would also like you to become familiar with all of the components that make up your anchoring system. If you have any questions, call Keith Anderson Construction LLC at 541-892-0808.


Why Mobile Home Tie Downs?

Anchors and ties are designed and manufactured to keep your mobile homes in place, and protected in the event of high winds.

Manufactured homes are lightweight compared to normal “site-built” homes, and almost all of them are elevated and rest on a pier or foundation system.

This creates a twofold problem, with the wind getting under the home and lifting it, while the air passing over the top of your home creates uplifting forces.


Tie-Downs Protect Your Home

To keep your home properly protected from the effects of wind, you are going to need two different types of tie downs.

You’ll need a vertical or “over-the-top” tie down to help compensate for the uplift forces, and diagonal or “frame” tie downs to help fight against the lateral forces, along with added protection against uplift.

If you have a double-wide home, only diagonal ties are necessary.