Manufactured & Mobile Home Transporting

Serving The Klamath Basin Over 20 Years

Full Service Manufactured Homes Contractor

When you hire Keith Anderson Construction LLC for your mobile home transporting service throughout Southern and Central Oregon, you will get the entire process done by one company, saving you time, energy and the frustration that multiple contractors would present.

Keith Anderson Construction LLC understands the importance of performing complete assessment on the property where the home is currently located as well as the property in which the home is to be moved to. This pre-transport inspection allows us to provide you with the smoothest transport for mobile and manufactured homes.

Examination of concerning trees, electrical wires, fences and other features that can cause issues when transporting your manufactured home and that is why you always get this BEST-PRACTICE element with Keith Anderson Construction LLC.


There are also permits, which must be secured before moving a mobile or manufactured home from one location to another. Keith Anderson Construction LLC will take the time to ensure that all proper permits are issued prior to the date you need your home transported.

With extensive experience in the mobile and manufactured home transportation allows Keith Anderson Construction LLC to know what is needed on mobile and manufactured home transport service.


Electric Wires

Electrical and utility lines are always a major concern whenever mobile and manufactured homes are moved from one location to another.

Keith Anderson Construction LLC has an excellent relationship with these utility companies throughout Klamath Falls and the surrounding communities of Oregon. This allows on-time home deliveries.

Working with these companies and the residents affected when service to the utility wires are disconnected and reconnected during the transport process is very important.

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